StickerKids ID Tags and Stickers

I have been searching for a way to identify my kids’ backpack and lunch kit for school when I came across the StickerKids website.  The first thing I was drawn to was the Name Labels which had exactly what I needed for my kids. It was very useful to be able to customize the labels and tags so that my kids could have something fun on their stickers and tags. StickerKids had different sizes of labels from small to large ones.

sticker lunch kit tag 050216

There was also stickers made specifically for clothing and shoes. This would be good for items that are sent to daycare so they don’t get lost. They had labels for sippy cups and bottles.  I liked that I could get ID tags with relevant information for my child. I could get a name, number, address, or whatever I felt was necessary to keep my child’s bag from being lost while at school or daycare. I was able to change the color of the text and the background. I then added an icon, and a phrase. I was also able to change the font from a regular typesetting to a more childlike writing style. There are several fonts available for you to try.

sticker tag blue 050216


sticket backpack tag 050216


I received free items in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.



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